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Butterick 6289 -a knit tunic with sheer overlay

"You're not wearing that to church are you?"  "I was planning to." "But those pants! They look like leather!"  "Um, yea, they're supposed to. They're faux leather leggings."  "But it's black. You should dress more festive." "It's a candlelight service. Nobody will notice what I'm wearing." Traditional Christmas Eve attire? Nope. At least not in my family.  Even though hubby would have preferred a brighter color (his words), I wore the outfit to our Christmas Eve service and the family gathering after church. Well, okay, I admit I changed the faux leather leggings.  And while the top is black, I'd like to point out that it does have sequins which sparkled beautifully in the candlelight.  The top is Butterick 6289. One of the new releases. And I'm shocked that I actually purchased a pattern and sewed it within one month.  New patterns usually sit in my stash for quite some time before