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McCall's 7688: A Stripe and Floral Hoodie

As I was browsing the Facebook page of one of the many boutiques I follow, I came across a simple knit hoodie with a striped bodice and floral sleeves and hood.  Under normal circumstances I may have popped into the boutique to purchase the hoodie.  However, as I've made a commitment to the 2018 RTW Fast, I decided to sew my own version. I used McCall's 7688 and sewed view C, substituting the sleeve and cuff for the sleeves with the casing and tie. The fabrics are Liverpool knits from Cali Fabrics .  Let me pause for a moment to tell you how much I like Cali Fabrics!  I've ordered a few times in the past year and fabrics are always described accurately, are beautiful in person, and they ship fast! I used the 1" black and white stripe for the body front and back, and chose to have the stripes vertical on the lower band for visual interest. The hood, which will always be worn down, is cut from the floral fabric. There's a seam in the center of the hood. T