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Golden goddess gown - a side tie infinity dress that is smokin' hot

How to sew a smokin' hot side tie infinity tube dress in two hours. No pattern needed!. Measurement instructions edited 6/14/09 Four knit rectangles + elastic + thread + sewing machine + 2 hours = one fabulous knit tube dress. Front views --> Back views That’s right. You can sew a fabulous knit tube dress in two hours. Here’s how: Fabric and notions: Approximately 2 yards of 60” wide knit fabric.The wrong side of the fabric will show with the tie variations, so keep that in mind when you choose your fabric. Your yardage will depend on the width and length of your rectangles. You’ll figure those out in the next step. Basically you need enough fabric to cover the width and length of your body. (If your measurements + ease indicate you need to cut two rectangles wider than 24", you'll need to purchase enough fabric to cut two dress lengths) EDITED 6/14/09: Thank you to the Anonymous (Jun) for asking for clarification on this step.

Vogue 1109 Striped Tee

It's done. Vogue 1109 - another Sandra Betzina design. She calls it a puzzle t-shirt - and has a beautiful version on her website (scroll down to view it). Using stripes, as shown on the pattern envelope, certainly showcases the unique seaming on the top. The sleeves are pleated near the elbow and the sleeve is two pieces. The top of the sleeve is the continuation of the neck band. Now I know you're going to leave comments asking me to model it. The knit is so soft that it shows every bump and bulge and since this is tunic length I need something with a flat front, not the jeans I had envisioned. So, sorry dear readers, I won't be modeling it yet. It's a cool top with all the crazy seams and stripes but until I find something to wear it with, it's destined to languish in the back of my closet.

RetroRama 2009 Photos

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