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How to: Make ribbon Christmas tree paper gift tags

While most people think I spend the majority of my spare time sewing, I do in fact dabble in other creative pursuits. That means I have a lot of art supplies on hand for when inspiration strikes. Sometimes the inspiration is quite small - like these little ribbon tree gift tags. As I was wrapping gifts the other day I realized I had not purchased any gift tags. My first thought was to make fabric tags, because, well, my mind does default to textiles.  Knowing I really didn't have time to make the type of fabric tags I envisioned I came  up with these little tags instead. They only took minutes to make. Plus I even managed to use the sewing machine. For each tag, I cut out two tag shapes out of a two-sided decorative card stock using a shipping tag as my template.  With a paper punch I added a hole to the top for the ribbon. Next, I cut five pieces of ribbon ranging in size from 1/2" (at the top) to 2" (at the bottom).  Each piece of ribbon is 1/4" larg

Infinity ... and beyond!

No, this isn't a post about Toy Story . ( But those are great movies, aren't they? The last one I saw at the theater in 3-D, which was so much fun .) No, no, no. This infinity and beyond post is about my latest sewn gifts - two more infinity scarves. They sure are a lot of fun to sew.  While you really don't need instructions, I followed the instructions for a knit version shown in the Fall 2010 issue of SewStylish . Lucky you, because the instructions are online here . You may recognize this fabric from yesterday's post . I happened to have a piece of knit left over that measured about 12" x 72". Not enough to do really do anything with, but too much to toss.  By adding a contrast black knit to the backside I was able to make this scarf. As you can see, it's quite versatile. Upper left: Worn long. Upper right: Twisted once. Lower left: Worn twisted once with black side showing. Lower right: Worn as a stole/shawl or whatever you'd call it.

Warm and cozy - Vogue 8699 Knit Top

Baby it's cold outside. And I want to be warm and cozy inside.  That's where my latest creations comes in. If you can't get past the fact that it looks a bit Flinstone -ish, it really is a warm and cozy knit top. Perfect to don while in the sewing studio during these cold winter months. After all, my sewing studio happens to be the second coldest room in our entire house. Just my luck, right?  At least it's not the coldest. That would be the workout room. Trust me, it's hard to get motivated to work out when you know the room you're about to enter is uncomfortably cold. Anyway, back to this top.  I hadn't even noticed this pattern until two days ago. That's when I braved the crowds to visit my local JoAnn's to purchase a pattern. I was specifically looking for Vogue 8634 . In case you're not familiar with it, that's the beautiful cowl collared knit top being created in sewing rooms across the world.  Sadly it was completely out of stock.