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Sigh...It's time to put away summer sewing and begin fall projects

It seems that my incentive for summer sewing faded at the same time the heat wave broke. It doesn't make much sense to try and cram in sewing new summer projects when, realistically, I will only be able to wear them for another month or two. I emphasized new because I do have a few summer items that are cut and partially sewn that I will finish before packing away the light cottons and summer fashion patterns. I have an adorable aqua cotton eyelet skirt that only awaits a lining and a hook and eye. I used Simplicity 4196 (c. 2006) and placed the eyelet edging along the hem. I've already sewn up a pink border print version (hmmm, just like the pattern envelope photo - imagine that!) and it was very simple skirt to sew together. I also have two summer tops cut out of this pattern and it would be nice to have those for the summer season. Although that style could easily be worn into the fall under a jacket. Next in line is another skirt, this time from vogue 7643 (c. 2002). I hav

New patterns are out! Why do I continue to purchase more and more and more...

The marketing of the sewing pattern companies has definitely worked on me. Combine that with the ability to see the new pattern releases on the Internet almost as soon as they are released - well, the temptation is just too great. I eagerly await the new releases by the Big 4 - Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue - just to see what there is. I certainly don't need anymore patterns as I already own hundreds and will never in my lifetime ever use all of them. And truth be told, most of the new releases are variations of patterns I already own. That's where the power of marketing gets to me. I love to see the latest pattern releases sewn up in the fabrics that make them look fresh and new (most of the time). Last week Butterick released their new fall pattern collection and there are a few I must have. (Although if I had to pay the full price listed on the pattern I would certainly make do with what I already own.) My absolute favorite is this skirt - Butterick 4859 . I lo