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Sewing Studio Sunday - Simple Tote, Simple Sewing

Julie, one of the contributors to this sewing blog ( well, she hasn't actually written a post yet, but she will - hint, hint Julie !) was over this past weekend for our first monthly Sewing Studio Sunday . We've talked about it for some time, and after a few false starts, finally found a date that worked for most everyone. The concept it simple. For four hours on a Sunday, I open my sewing studio to Julie and whoever else wants to come on over and sew. They bring their machine and project but can use my sewing tools, cutting table, iron and such so they don't need to bring theirs. I'm just there to answer questions and provide some guidance. As confidence levels build I'll pull my machine out and sew along also. I'm actually looking forward to these monthly gatherings. This past weekend ended up being just the two of us. Julie choose this simple tote from the Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book for her project (it really is called Simple Tote

Burda World of Fashion Slouchy Pants

It's been years since I've worn any type of pant with a pleated front. Yet, I was immediately drawn to this style - number 121 - in the November 2008 Burda World of Fashion. The description claims that the " high-waisted, low-set waist pleats and wide legs give these pants a slimming effect." "Hmm", I thought to myself. "Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. " So I decided to find out for myself. Out came the black poly rayon lycra fabric that was left after sewing the Simplicity Project Runway jacket . Carefully, I traced the correct size and remembered to include seam allowances. I wasn't going to make that mistake again! I popped in a DVD from Mad Men ( season one - available for seven days at no charge from my local library ), opened the magazine to the instructions for number 121, and prepared to sew myself a pair of slightly slouchy pants. Yikes! I now understand completely the comments on PatternReview about the incomprehensib

Kreative Blogger Award now appearing

Hey! Thanks for all the nominations. I'm guessing since I took a few days off from blogging ( remember, I did say one of my goals this year was to spend less time online ) and come back to a few fellow bloggers passing this award my way. Cool! Actually, the first person to send the award my way was YaYaOrchid from Chronicles of YaYa Orchid, one of my Sew Craft blog members. Thank you! One by one the others trickled in. Probably because you thought I had been left out so I'm extra thankful that each of you wanted to make sure I could add the award to my blog also. So here's the rules. *Sigh*, which by now all of you can probably recite from memory. I seem to have missed the whirlwind flurry of award passing. #1 - Copy the award to your site. Done! #2 - Link to the person(s) who nominated you . In addition to YaYaOrchid: Linda (Danvillegirl Sewing Diary) Becky (Sew and so) Nancy (SewWest) Mary (Mary is Sewfast) #3 Now the original rules from YaYaOrchid included "