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Simplicity 1014: Drapey Tunic, Drapey Cowl

About a year ago, while browsing fashions at a local boutique, I spotted a basic black tunic with a cowl and sleeve bands in a contrasting fabric.  I was intrigued enough to try it on. While the price ($59) was not unreasonable, it was more than I wanted to spend. Especially when I realized how simple the construction was. Oh darn, that meant I had to go fabric shopping... Off I went to my favorite fabric stores. I purchased black ITY knit from Hancock Fabrics and a mesh print from SR Harris Fabrics and promptly set about recreating the tunic. Just kidding. Life got in the way, as it frequently does, and the fabric sat for a few months.  Lucky for me because during that time Simplicity came out with a tunic with a large cowl and contrast sleeve bands eerily similar to the tunic I wanted to recreate. Whoop! I  didn't even have to think about what pattern to use. I sewed the tunic the end of summer 2015.  I photographed it the end of December 2015.  I'm blogging abou