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One Yard Wonders Sew Along at Pink Chalk Fabrics

  Have you been following along with Pink Chalk Studios as they sew their way through every project in the One Yard Wonders  book?   I have and was delighted to see their version of my file cabinet cover design (page 45).  It's adorable!  Be sure to read the notes as a valuable tip on the bias tape was included. I'm curious - have you sewn any projects from the One Yard Wonders book? If so, what are they? If not, consider joining the sew along. And don't forget to join the Flickr group and post your photos. ***********************************************************

National Wear Red Day

Did you know it's National Wear Red Day? If it was warmer I'd be wearing my red Kay Unger dress . However, it's still winter coat weather so I'll be wearing my beautiful red wool coat instead. What are you wearing? *********************************************

Back to Burda

Every month when I receive my Burda Style magazine I eagerly flip through it looking for THE item I want to sew. Way back in September THE  items I choose was a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a pencil skirt with curved panels that wrap around to the center side back seams.  Beautiful lines.   I traced the pattern only days after receiving the magazine. I even had the skirt almost completely sewn within two weeks. But I wasn't sure on the length. I like the idea of the longer skirt silhouette but lately I've been wearing most of my skirts about mid-knee. So it sat. And sat. And sat. Mostly because the weather turned cold so quickly and every time I thought about hemming the skirt I didn't want to change out of my warm layers to try it on. But if I don't get to it I won't be able to wear it now will I? So tonight was the night. Before changing into my comfort clothes I donned the skirt, snapped a few photos and decided on a hem.   After reviewing the photo

Month End Check-in: January

January is done. Well, in a few hours anyway. Close enough for me. Can't say I'm too sad to see it end as I hope the bitter cold will go away when it does. So with the month ending I thought a little month-end check-in would be in order. After all, I began the month with some pretty lofty ambitions. Sigh. True confessions time. Progress on the 2011 Vintage sew along? Zero. Yep, no further along than when I posted about the dress last time.  You see that beautiful heathered purple wool knit is a bit on the transparent side so I knew it would need lined or underlined. The pattern calls for underlining, so I ordered some black tricot knit lining online hoping to use it as an underlining. Unfortunately the lining wasn't as opaque as I had envisioned.  Combining it with the wool knit isn't enough to allow the dress to be worn without a slip. So I put this project on the back burner until I can come up with a solution as to what to use. Progress on the One Jacket A