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Low Sew Boutique Design Challenge - a chance to win Rowenta Iron and Steamer and more!

Remember this great book? Low Sew Boutique. You know the one. The one I've written about a once or twice. Well, maybe more than once or twice...the Sew News magazine spread post , the showing off my gallery items post , the how to sew a drawstring placemat purse post ... Contest Well, now here's your chance to show off how creative you can be! Check out the Low Sew Boutique Design Challenge contest over at Homestead Specialties. There are two age categories - adult (age 16 and older) and youth (age 15 and younger) with six winners in all! What you need to do to enter Make a purse, tote, backpack, or other fashion accessory inspired by the concept of the book, Low-Sew Boutique, 25+ Quick and Clever Projects Using Ready-mades . You don't need to follow a specific project in the book, but you do need to use at last one kitchen linen and one hardware store item. Judging criteria The winners will be judged on the most unexpected or u

Butterick 5173 pattern recall

Remember this review ? The wasted-my-sewing-time knit dress that made Carolyn say "oh puleeze!" Well, it turns out the pattern had a "serious error". Butterick's web site doesn't mention what the serious error is, but they did post information on how to exchange the defective pattern for a corrected one. If you purchased Butterick 5173 here's what to do to get your hands on a corrected copy. Dear Valued Butterick Customer, This is in response to your inquiry concerning the recall of B5173. If you bought B5173 through our web site,, we will send you a new corrected pattern as soon as it is printed. This will happen automatically. You do not have to do anything. If you bought B5173 in a retail store, please mail the defective pattern back to us

When you don't have time to sew...

Is it Sunday evening already? I swear it was only hours ago that I was just leaving work and wishing my co-workers a good weekend. Every Friday it's the same thing. The work day ends and I gleefully begin to plan my weekend. On my 40 minute drive home from work I'm filled with anticipation and am optimistic about all that I will accomplish - including some quality time with my sewing machine. By now you probably see where I'm headed with this. The weekend is over, we're winding down and getting ready for the new week. And most of what I had hoped to work on didn't happen. So what's a soul to do when she can't dance with her fabric? I watch a few vodcasts or listen to a few podcasts on my iPod. This weekend it was The Ries Report - okay, I admit that one has nothing to do with sewing but I find it interesting. A few of my other favorites include Girls Gone Geek (yea, not really about sewing either), Grits to Glitz (who has had some amusing recaps of th