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Why Vogue 8744 - what long arms you have

I kinda suspected the sleeves on this dress - Vogue 8744 - were going to be pretty long. Especially after placing  the dress on GiGi.  ( For those new to my blog, GiGi is my dress form. She's not near as curvy as  I am, but she does give me a general idea of how a garment will look. ) But yikes!  They are much longer than the tips of my fingers. Now I will admit that I normally shorten my sleeves on almost every pattern I sew, and I forgot to do that on this one.  But even my normal 1/2"to 3/4"alteration would have these sleeves covering my hands. Another odd thing is that this dress feels like it was designed to have shoulder pads - yet none are called for.  I don't have broad shoulders (lucky you if you do!) so I plan on trying a small shoulder pad to see if it helps the shoulder line. Other than that I'm liking the dress. Stay tuned as I'm really close to finally finishing this one. ****************************************************

A "vintage" fashion photo shoot

Sewing and fashion go hand-in-hand.    At least for me they do.  My first sewing experience was creating a dress at age eight and my love of fashion was born. One of my nieces also loves fashion. But instead of sewing she captures it on film.     She's in love my collection of 60s, 70s and 80s fashions - almost all thrifted over the past 15 years - and did a short fashion shoot last year with some of the clothing items.  It was so much fun we both vowed to find to find time to do it again. That time finally arrived this weekend!  Never mind that it's February in Minnesota and that most of the clothing is more appropriate for warm weather.  She showed up Saturday  morning with her models ready to have fun. They proceed to ooh and awe over all the clothing as she decided who would wear what...and make a bit of a mess of my living room in the process {smile} But who cares? I had a blast watching them. Turns out one of the girls had a trunk full of her mother's old ga