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Well done!

Good job my sewing friends.  I really appreciate your comments and opinions on the fabric choices I had posted .  I knew I could count on you to share your thoughts :-)  Thank you. I'm going to try option A - the one with the higher contrast. I won't be able to share any photos for awhile but trust me, if it turns out like I'm envisioning it's gonna be cute. The photo I can share with you is the latest haul from Joann's three-day Vogue pattern sale. ( If you're in the states they're on sale for $3.99 each today thru Saturday. ) Notice that every single one of these patterns are for dresses? Notice that these dresses are missing long sleeves? With the temps climbing into the twenties this week I have a serious case of spring-will-be-here-in-only-two-more-months fever.  I know some of you can relate. So while the snow piles up outside I'll be dreaming and sewing my way to a new wardrobe of warm weather dresses. ******************************

Your opinions please

Hey everyone - can I get your opinions on something? I working on a project and the main fabric is a deep plum wool knit.  I'm trying to decide what accent color I like best with the plum color.  To be honest, I actually like all three - for three different reasons - which is why I need some opinions. I tried getting an opinion out of my hubby but he pulled the ole " you know I'm not that good at coordinating colors" excuse. I then tried the ole " you know I haven't really decided on any of them so I'm not asking you to pick the one I like best " comment, but no go.  That man's pretty smart :-)  Except this time I really didn't have a favorite and really did want his opinion. So which of these three options for an accent pops out at you?  The color is a bit off due to my photography, but I think you can get a good idea. Option A is multi-colored with hints of the exact shade of plum Option B is a muted plum tone Option C is a b

Sometimes big and comfy is just big and sloppy

Back in 2008 (gosh that seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?) I received an issue of Burda World of Fashion that included this oversized top.  Pretty cute, right?  That collar and sleeves - adorable! And the length is perfect - not too long, but not to short - right at the hipline. I liked it enough that I immediately traced the pattern - and I really, really, really dislike tracing patterns.  Guess I didn't like it that much because I never got around to actually sewing it until this past November.   Amazing how quickly time goes by.... Anyway.  The Burda magazine instructions weren't much help - no surprise - so I sewed it together using my best judgement.   But here's where I probably should have checked the instructions a bit closer.  See those welt pockets on the top?  So I sewed them onto my knit top - and dang, they looked really good! As I held the front piece up to admire my work I noticed something a bit odd.  Turns out those beautiful welt pockets w