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On the cover of Sew News! Turn a ready-made sweater into a cardigan with attached scarf.

Have you see the latest Sew News issue? As soon as I saw it that old 70s song, " Cover of the Rolling Stone " began running through head. I know what you're thinking. " Why in the world would you think of THAT song? "  Well let me tell ya. See that purple sweater? It's mine! Yep, I'm on the cover of Sew News.   Well, not ME, but my sweater. I loved doing this project and am thrilled that the editors thought all of you would like it enough to put it on the cover. The samples arrived in the mail the same day my magazine did and I'm looking forward to cooler weather as I think this will be great worn with skinny jeans and boots. (Or is that oh-so-last-season already?) The "pintucks" on the scarf are created using a serger. Inside you'll find instructions to create another cardigan with an attached sheer three-fabric scarf - no serger needed. Guess what? Sew News has the entire article available on their website. You

I'm GOING! The Creative Connection

Yippee!  I'm going this year! Can you tell I'm excited? I wasn't able to attend last year.  And perhaps I wasn't quite ready. If you've read my blog for a while you may recall that this time last year we  were still dealing with my son's recovery from his brain tumor and treatment. Side note: my son continues to do well. He feels good, has gained back most of the weight lost during chemo, and we're optimistic that the next MRI will again reveal no new tumor.  Praise Jesus! Now, back to The Creative Connection. It's going to be awesome to be surrounded by so many creative folks! Financially I could only swing one day so I choose BlogHer Handmade day.  A day jam packed with networking, social media panels, and a dinner with key note speakers Cristina Ferrare (of Big Bowl of Love) and Holly Becker (of decor 8).  I'm going alone people!  So if any of you are going to be there be sure to email me (sewingbysharon at gmail dot com) so we can

Sewing chaos

My little sewing studio has been a whir of activity this week with my machine going almost non-stop. Oh my word, you should see the chaos on the floor.  Not the cute organized chaos but the paper, pins, scissors, rulers, fabric, scraps, thread, trimmings, notebooks strewn all about chaos. I've been busy sewing up a craft streak ( Yea, I know. I should be working on my fall wardrobe... ) Even stopped by a local quilt shop the other day looking specifically for red/white polka dot fabric. They didn't have any. But they had a cute red/off white polka dot fabric.   And I had the opportunity to chat with the most delightful young woman who works there.  She's a fellow vintage pattern lover :-) Anyway, the polka dot fabric she found for me works much better on my project than what I had thought I wanted.  See? Here's a little sneak peek. Gotta run! Got a machine calling my name. *******************************************