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Vogue 8181 knit dress and sewing an underam gusset

March in Minnesota and its finally snowing. Lots and lots of snow. So much that many businesses closed early yesterday (alas, not mine). When we woke up this morning the snow was still coming down. Doesn't it look peaceful? I love the look of freshly fallen snow early in the morning before the world wakes up. Fortunately, I already had today scheduled off from work as I'll be attending a women's retreat this weekend. That meant I didn't have to be up early fighting my way into work during rush hour on the slow and congested roads. The heavy snow also meant the cancellation of many evening events last night, so I took advantage of the time at home to complete my knit dress from Vogue 8181. This is an easy knit dress to sew. If you don't need to do any major alterations to the pattern you can probably sew it in about two hours. However, no pattern adjustments no longer happen in my world, so I began preparing the pattern by doing an FBA. This pattern has an empire wai