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Everything old is new again

Everything old is new least that's what they say. Case in point. See this top I sewed this past weekend? The fabric, purchased a month ago from a local fabric store, has a nice retro-inspired polka-dot knit print. The shape of the top is trendy with the full gathers above the bust captured in a yoke and the fullness gathered into a bottom band creating a blouson effect. Except this isn't a recent pattern release. It's a vintage pattern, Simplicity 8890, issued in 1979. I found it in the recycle section of Pattern Rescue . I had just seen a woman wearing a similar style top on a local news program just a few days before I spotted this pattern on Pattern Rescue. Her version, which was quite elegant, had more gathers and looked like it might have been a silk jersey. This one I sewed as is to test the fit of this pattern. Now I'm off to find a super soft drapey knit for my next one, hopefully in an elegant silk jersey. Like they say, everything old is new a