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Knit peasant top from Vogue 8581 - take one

I know I didn't need a pattern for a peasant top. After all, with my treasure of 1970s patterns I'm sure I have a few buried somewhere. But when I saw Vogue 8581 in the Vogue pattern book, I thought of a top that had quickly become a favorite of mine over the past few months. One that was very similar in styling to this pattern. ( In fact, it's the blue one I'm wearing in my photo on this blog. ) Before I thought about it and realized I could create a knit shirt with an existing peasant blouse pattern this one was in my shopping cart and on its way home with me. (photo from My daughter saw it and decided she'd really like version A - the short sleeve one on the envelope. As she doesn't let me sew for her too often I jumped at the chance. I choose a red knit out of my fabric stash, as that is a gorgeous color on my daughter, and began sewing. The top is rated very easy. Which it is. What it is not is quick to sew. Here's what I wou