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Vogue 8810 - the dress and review

My how time flies!  I finished my Vogue 8810 some time ago but forgot all about posting the final dress. So what do you think?  I didn't scoot Sophia out of the way since I figured she'd bring the all important "awww" factor to the photo shoot.  I was looking to sew something lightweight and comfortable to wear during the hot summer months yet stylish enough to wear to the office.  This dress fits the bill perfectly.   And it has pockets!  I love pockets! The waist is cinched in with a self-fabric tie. In this busy print you may not be able to see this, but the casing for the belt is on the outside of the dress. A nice touch. It also has the all important twirl factor. Not as great as my all time favorite twirl dress, Vogue 1027 , but let's face it - it's kind of hard to beat that one.  The rayon fabric (with lemons and Paris and other French words I can't read) swishes ever so slightly when I walk, which I adore.  It just feels feminine a