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What? It's July already?

Whoa! I was just reading Carolyn's post, The Midway of 2007, and it just hit me how fast this year is going by. I should take some time to tally: everything I've sewn, the UFOs (unfinished objects) that I've completed, how much fabric as been used, how much fabric has been purchased. I will probably be: surprised at how much I've sewn disappointed at how few UFOs I've completed pleased with how much fabric I've used amazed at how much fabric I've purchased. See? I already know the outcome so maybe I won't take the time to do that task. I'll admit that I'm actually glad that June is over because that means that parade season is slowing down. Last week was the last parade on my weekend schedule for at least three weeks. I'm happy about the break in the parades and will put my clowning aside for a few weeks. My dad on the other hand (wearing the green vest in the photo) misses the interaction with the kids so much that he'll find some pla