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Weekend Wrapup - This Week I'm Thankful For

As the week draws to an end I've spent some reflecting over the past few days.  By nature I'm a fairly positive and optimistic person, yet I discovered something about myself. There are times that  I choose to focus on negatives rather than blessings. Beginning today, I'm making a conscious effort to end my week sharing at least five things I'm  thankful for. This week I'm thankful for... Dining out with my husband and my two children.  The service was a little on the slow side and guess what?  I'm thankful for the extra time I was able to spend laughing with the people I love.  The April snow we received the other day as it will hasten the growth of the green spring grass. The ducks wandering through my front yard as they remind me that spring really is just around the corner.  Dry streets so our little Maltese, Sophia, doesn't return from our walks in need of a bath, like this time . A lemon mouse Godiva truffle shared with my lovely daughter w