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Vogue's new web site (and spring pattern releases)

Did you see the new look over at ? I like it! What do you think? This must have just happened because I've been stalking the site daily so I'd be sure to know when the new spring patterns were uploaded. All the great designs in the last Vogue Patterns magazine made me eager to see the details on the website. I'm curious about their clearance section. It appears that these patterns - marked down to $5 - are the most recent discards, while the out of print patterns are still their regular full price. Anyone have more information on that? I'm liking the new spring offerings, especially the new designers, Rebecca Taylor and Rachel Comey. While not all of their designs work for me I suspect they'll be popular. My favorites? Vogue 1169. It's a too wide and low to wear to work, but I think I could rework the neckline and make it work. Vogue 1170 . The blouse looks fun - a bit unique without going over the top and the skirt is fitted yet flirty. I

The Hancock Fabrics' yellow tag / barcode update

Look familiar? Yes, more little yellow tag barcodes from Hancock Fabrics. If you didn't have a chance to read my original post about these you can do so here . ( Just don't forget to come back, okay? ) My post was picked up by a reporter and soon after that I was contacted by Hancock Fabric's VP of Operations with an invitation to call her/him to share my experiences. As I mentioned at the time , I'm impressed that the company reached out to me. When our conversation began she/he made sure to tell me how Hancock Fabrics values their customers ( us! ) and how she/he read my post - and your comments - with great interest. They are interested in hearing what we have to say. I tried to remember all of your comments and questions when I spoke to her/him and hopefully you'll find answers below. Here's what I learned about Hancock Fabrics' yellow tag / barcode system. Yes, it's new. It was rolled out nationwide 6 to 8 weeks ago. The system underwent testi

McCall's 5815 Jacket and 5984 Skirt

Well, the new year sewing may have started out with a big bang, but it sure fizzled quickly ! However, I did finally complete the skirt to go along with that fabulous gray striped jacket I recently finished. (Post here .) By the way, thank you ALL who posted a comment on that jacket. Believe me, I love seeing your comments! They warm my heart and I feel just a little bit like Sally Fields at the 1985 Academy Awards " You like me, you really like me " or in this case my jacket, but that's okay. By the way, did you know that " You like me, you really like me " isn't actually the quote? It's true - check out the Wikipedia entry. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I do try and respond to your comments (if you're email is given) but life got in the way this time (as it often does) and other things besides computers, blogging and sewing stole away my free time. Better late than never. As promised here's the jacket and skirt being worn