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You're gonna be jealous...

How to Draft Basic Patterns: second edition by Ernestine Kopp, Vittorina Rolfo & Beatrice Zelin Grading Techniques for Modern Design by Jeanne Price & Bernard Zamkoff I hear ya. You're thinking " What's so special about these? They're just your basic pre-1980 pattern design and pattern grading books ." Well let me tell explain - 15 cents each in the discount book bin at the local Goodwill store. Admit it, you're just a wee bit jealous aren't you?

Weekend wrapup - Fashion in the Sky

Sewing in the studio this past weekend was once again limited to alterations. I do believe I'm now done. At least until Thursday when I'll have a fitting for what I hope will be a simple hemming of a dress. A friend from church helped me with some work stuff and in return I offered her my sewing services. Although I wasn't able to spend much time devoted to sewing, I did have a chance to attend a fun fashion show Saturday evening. The show, "Fashion in the Sky", was part of this year's MN Fashion Wee k fall 2009. So much fun! I had forgotten how much I enjoy the atmosphere of a choreographed fashion show! The last fashion show I attended (other than the historical society's Retro Rama ) was in the late 70s or early 80s. I don't recall too much about it except that it was put on by Ebony magazine with an elegant atmosphere and gorgeous fashions. Last night's event was held on a rooftop terrace in St. Paul, which could be quite risky weather-wis