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A quick and easy summer knit top - Butterick 5495

A weeks worth of sewing and this is all I have to show for it, a super simple knit top. It's not that the top took that long to sew. Total time spent to create it probably totaled two hours and that includes cutting it out. But its summertime! And the weather has been perfect! Our summers are so short here that I can't bear to spend time cooped up inside my sewing studio. Last year's summer weather was quite cool so I didn't add much to my existing wardrobe. However, this year is a different story. With the beautiful warm weather we've been experiencing, I discovered I needed a few more tops. The pattern and view was chosen based on the fact that it only required one yard of fabric. You see, one yard of fabric was all I had. This beautiful RPL knit, purchased as a roll end last year from Emma One Sock , has been patiently waiting to be sewn. The pattern, Butterick 5495 , was definitely not my first choice. While I like the design, I really wanted to find a way

Vogue 1027 DKNY knit dress

Does this fabric look familiar? It might, as I posted a photo last February as soon as it arrived in my order from Fabric Mart Fabrics . In fact, that posting was dated just days before we discovered my son had a brain tumor. Last February feels like a lifetime ago, yet in reality it was only five months ago . Five months of surgery, recovery, radiation and chemo. For me, and certainly for my son, it really hit home how your life can change in an instant. During that period I went through a time when I lost all motivation to sew. It felt like such a silly activity. In fact, I went through my supplies and made a rather large sewing related donation to a local thrift store. Included in that donation was yards and yards and yards of fabric. But not this piece of fabric. Instinctively I knew once we got past the initial shock and treatment I would once again find sewing to be a relaxing retreat. Which is where I'm at today. My sewing time is still more limited than it was, but