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What I like about you - the Simplicity 4074 knit dress

Dear Simplicity 4074 . When you first appeared in the catalog - back in July 2006 - I couldn't resist your charms. You were an immediate addition to my pattern collection. By October 2006 I had purchased the perfect knit fabric to create you. I even had you almost completely sewed by December of that same year. And that's when your charm no longer worked on me. You see, I hated the way you looked when I placed you on my body. I thought maybe it was the length...perhaps I should have sewed you shorter. Or maybe it was the self fabric belt...perhaps you needed more of a contrast. I just didn't know. I only knew I didn't like you. I know that's hard to hear, but it's true. So I hid you in the back of my sewing closet hoping to forget you. But every time I choose a new fabric I'd see you. Even though the guilt would begin to gnaw away at me, I'd pretend I hadn't seen you. Finally, last year, in an attempt to make you a winner, I had cut you so y

If the pants fit - or - the completion UFO number 2

UFO number two - done! Of course all I needed to do was add the closure to the center front of the waistband. There really wasn't much of an excuse to not complete these during the month of UFOs. The pants are sewn using Burda 7762 . A pattern I had originally purchased because I liked the double collar on the jacket. Seriously, check out the line drawing. A shawl collar on top of a notched collar. Cool detail huh? Better yet, check out the photo of the jacket sewn over at Fehr Trade . Scroll down to the photo labeled "tuxedo inspired jacket." If I'm so enamored with the jacket why did I sew the pants? That's easy. Pants are much quicker to sew than jackets. And I've been known to choose fast over detail. Plus I had just enough fabric left over from my Burda diagonal front wrap skirt for a pair of pants. What I didn't realize is that the waist band is actually two separate pieces that overlap at the center front. They are attached at the side seams. R

One Yard Wonders take two

Got some creative ideas dancing through your head that only require one yard of fabric? Then get those ideas sewn because the sequel to 101 One Yard Wonders is becoming a reality. Yes, you read that right. There will be another 101 One Yard Wonders book - tentatively called Fabric Extravaganza : One-Yard Wonders - this time with a focus on all fabrics, not just quilting cottons. Once I received notice that submissions were being accepted I pulled out my idea notebook, looked for items that could be done with just a yard of fabric and began sewing samples. You have an idea notebook don't you? You know, the place where you jot down random notes or sketch a design detail. The place where you quickly draw the idea that came to you while you were sleeping or popped in your head while cooking dinner. The place you draw the design that came to fruition while having your teeth cleaned at the dentist ( or is it only me? I had an idea for a pillow come to me while visiting the dentist -

How I spent my Valentine's Day weekend

This past weekend hubby was gone enjoying a ski-weekend with the guys. Unfortunately - or fortunately depending on how you look at it - that meant he was gone this year for Valentine's Day. Should I admit it? Yes, I think I will. I was actually excited. That meant three whole days devoted to me! Three whole days to sew to my little heart's content. I picked up a half dozen free DVD rentals from the library with plans to hibernate in my sewing studio playing movies and completing multitudes of projects. Oh! the possibilities! Ha! Only in my dreams.While I did enjoy a nice romantic solo dinner of lobster tail, veggies and wine followed by a decadent dark chocolate truffle ( my honey hid a box underneath my pillow before he left ) all the sewing just didn't happen as planned. All that time, and just one little project is underway. The Guy Laroche jacket, Vogue 1143 . I've lightened the photo so you can see some of the details. The fabric is a black Sophia double k