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Simplicity 1072 - Three 30-minute knit skirts

Simplicity 1072.  The title pretty much sums up this post - not much more to say about the this one! I purchased the pattern intending to sew the pullover top, but so far I've only used it to sew three knit skirts.  I choose my size by my hip measurement and there was zero ease allowed.  The first time, I went up two sizes as I wanted a more work appropriate fit.  I ended up taking in the seams so that I actually only went up one size. The skirt is now close-fitting but not form fitting, which is my personal preference.  Sewing this skirt only takes about 30 minutes from cutting to hemming. There are four pieces to cut: one front skirt, one front waistband, one back skirt, one back waistband. There is no identified front or back so I added a size tag to the back of each skirt. It's designed to sit 1" below your waist. The pattern calls for 1-1/2" elastic but I had 3/4" on hand so I used that instead.  My first version (the floral print) was s

McCall's 7244 knit dress in black and white houndstooth

McCall's 7244 was released a few months ago and while I thought it was cute, I passed on purchasing the pattern. Until I started seeing a few reviews pop up in the sewing blogging world. went on my "to sew" list and I waited for patterns to go on sale at my local Hancock Fabrics store.  When I stopped at the store to buy the pattern, I found the perfect fabric, too.  A black and white houndstooth ponte knit.  On clearance in their "spot the dot"section. For a ridiculously low price. The entire dress cost me less than $12 to sew (not counting my time). Ponte knit is one of the suggested fabrics, along with cotton kit and double knit. I loved that the knit dress was designed with darts, as it saved me the time of adding darts to a dartless pattern. I did still do a small FBA (full bust adjustment).  I've done so many FBAs over the years that I can practically do them in my sleep, but if you're not sure where to start I'd highly recom