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The Cold Shoulder Look with Hot Patterns Metropolitan Urban Gypsy Blouse

I wasn't planning on wearing an off-the-shoulder look this season ... but then I sewed the HotPatterns Metropolitan Urban Gypsy Blouse and quickly changed my mind. I've been hesitant to try the off-the-shoulder tops. Mainly because I don't want to invest in a strapless bra that would not get much wear.  So I've sewn a few tops with cut out shoulders and admired the off-the-shoulder took on everyone else. When StyleArc introduced their Cara top I was so tempted to purchase that pattern! I don't even remember how many times I placed it in the shopping cart and then removed it.  I really liked the flat front band, but was not sure how the gathers would work with my bustline. Then I stumbled upon the Urban Gypsy Show and Tell on YouTube and discovered this Hot Patterns design had a shelf bra - and a flat band in front with darts and no gathers. Sold! While waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail, I set off to find fabric at SR Harris, my favorite loca

Burda 6762 Pullover Top With Emma One Sock Fabric

"Is your neckline ripped?"  Said my photographer/hubby when I asked him to take a closeup picture of the neckband design detail on this top.  "No," I replied, "it's intentionally sewn this way." This colorful top is Burda 6762.   It's a pullover hi-lo hem top with three sleeve options and a wide round neckline with different facing options. I sewed view C (the orange one on the pattern envelope) with the neckline from view B (the white and black one on the pattern envelope).  This colorful piece of fabric was a roll end from Emma One Sock that I had to have. Maybe you can relate. You're "just browsing" a fabric website for no reason except to see what's available.  Suddenly a piece of fabric jumps out at you. You're not sure what you will do with it, but it must be yours. That's how I ended up with this piece.  My hubby isn't too fond of all the colors, but that's what appealed to me. When the fabr