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I want to sew, really I do...

   I'm having too much fun teaching Zumba Fitness!   Leading a warmup at my Monday night class held at a local church.  Leading the cool down at my Monday night class And jumping off benches with my fellow Zumba instructor / friend, Rena .  At my age one is a bit  concerned with landing on concrete wrong and twisting and ankle - thus the lack of height and look of apprehension on my face compared to the lovely Rena.  By the way, if you're in the Twin Cities area and use Facebook, why not like my Zumba page ?  I swear I have sewing to show you . I really do.  My black and white polka dot skirt is done.  As is my orange knit dress.  And the knit dress with an explosion of colors.  Oh yea, and the late summer knit dress I'm in the process of sewing. More sewing later, I promise.  Right now I have to get back to practicing routines for a new Zumba class that begins soon. ********************************************