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A PR weekend in Minneapolis would be lovely

Did you notice there's a poll over at Pattern Review to vote for the location of next year's PR weekend?  And did you know that Minneapolis is one of the options?  It is! Go see for yourself . (Click on the vote for the 2012 PR weekend text.) Right now Minneapolis is in third place. Not bad, huh?  Except there are only three choices... Maybe you just don't know how much fun the Twin Cities area can be.  It's easy to get to with a major airport only minutes from downtown Minneapolis.  Our traffic congestion isn't nearly as bad as some other major metro areas (or so I've been told). Oh, but I hear you saying "But what could we possibly do in there?" Well for starters there's the Mall of America .  Almost everyone who visits the Twin Cities makes a stop at the infamous mall. I mean where else can you ride a roller coaster, visit LegoLand , savor a delicious dinner at any number of restaurants, enjoy a cocktail in one of the bars and, of cou

My what big shoulders you have

Remember these?  No? That's because the likes of these weren't see in the fashion world for many years.  I suspect many of you never even mourned their passing.  What you're looking at a pair of gen-u-ine late 80s shoulder pads. About 1/2" thick.  I actually had three packages of these in my sewing supplies. Not too sure why I bothered to hang onto them all these years, but they sure came in handy tonight now didn't they?  That's because I put that McCall's jacket on and tried out a number of shoulder pads.  The jacket is designed for a 1/4" shoulder pad, but it's looking like I'll need to use these thicker one.  The fits still not the best but it's getting better. See?  Here's a quick shot of the jacket tossed on with the shoulder pads tucked in place. My after Zumba workout look is not a pretty one 'people so no head shots tonight.   *******************************************************

Weekend Wrapup - this week I'm thankful for

Another week has flown by. It was a busy week, marked with odd weather swings.  We almost broke a record early in the week (over 100 deg. F) only to drop low enough two days later to seriously consider turning the heat on in the car.  This week five things I'm thankful for include: A new fitness class being offered at no cost by my employer. It's a Zumba class held after work one night a week.  If you haven't tried Zumba yet you really are missing out on a lot of fun. The ability to purchase groceries when the mood hits me to try a new recipe and I'm missing an ingredient. The opportunity to talk to a fantastic non-profit group about the possibility of doing some work for them. A sewing blogger who graciously answered some non-sewing questions I had on a topic I suspected they had a lot of knowledge about.  Thanks Linda !  And yes, she did know her stuff.  A great Twins game enjoyed with my hubby, daughter and her boyfriend.  I even managed to squeeze in shor