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Burda Angled Ruffle Top #130-08-2012 #FAIL

Remember last month when I in my casual comfort sewing zone?  I sewed two cute tunics (Vogue 8817 here and Vogue 8831 here) and was pleased with both looks.   Deciding I must be on a roll, I quickly traced, cut out and sewed the Burda angled ruffle top #130 from the August 2012 issue. See how cute this looks?  Loose fitting for comfort yet ruffle details for style.   Image from Burda ( Um... Well... Hmmm... After trying it on and then laughing hysterically, I took a few photos!  I guess I'll let the photos speak for themselves. A big old #FAIL!  And I do mean "big", LOL. Goodness there is so much ease in this baby.... Thank goodness I used an old knit to try out the pattern before I cut into my silk jersey! So, should you decide to go ahead and sew this one , be sure to take a few minutes to measure the pattern.  I didn't and by doing so I could have avoided this li