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Vogue 2989 Knit Skirt

I just finished a knit skirt to wear with one of the tees I completed this past weekend . With just over a yard left of the fabric I knew my skirt choices would be limited but I did want more than a basic straight skirt with an elastic waistband. So I choose the skirt from Vogue 2989 . While I wasn't pleased with the way my version of jacket turned out, I did like the skirt. And I still have the jacket tucked away - perhaps I'll even get around to fixing the collar... Anyway, here's another version of that skirt. This is one short skirt pattern. I'm only 5' 5" and to hit my knee - with only a 1/2" hem - I needed to add 2-1/2" to the pattern. I'm a believer that at a certain age, just because you can wear a short skirt doesn't mean you should . The skirt itself is quite simple to construct. There are two front pieces and one back piece. On the front there is a left side seam that holds two pleats in place which form a small flounce. Afte

It's a tee shirt day...

The sun's shining, the warm wind's blowing and it's a tee shirt day. A day for sewing tee shirts that it is. I put my turquoise jacket aside to work on a few knit tops. Actually, the jacket only needs a button and buttonhole. The only reason I put it aside is because my machine (Pfaff 2056) is so iffy when it comes to buttonholes that I freeze when I get to that step. Maybe I'll tackle it tomorrow. First up - Simplicity 3536. Using knit fabric that was left over from J's tube top project and contrasting white, I sewed view C. The white actually looks quite stark now that I see it in the photo, but because of my trendy yellow/black/white fabric choice, it's definitely a one season top so it'll be fine for the rest of the summer. I didn't do an FBA but I'll have to do one next time - you can see the center white band is stretching out of shape. The full review can be read on PatternReview here . Moving right along, I pulled out my turquoise/b