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When will I learn - or - New Look 6754 pattern review

New Look 6754 -with it's front neckline pleats, bias roll collar, and sleeve options- held the promise of stylish summer tops suitable for wearing beneath a suit jacket or on their own paired with jeans. Ah, but the promise was broken. Don't let this photo fool you. This top does not have the design elements needed to make it a winner. While it was indeed an easy pattern, the line drawings are misleading. The neckline is much wider and lower than illustrated. The bias roll collar does not drape softly at the neckline. Instead it stands at attention in a rather unattractive and unflattering stance. The bias flutter sleeves do not fall into soft folds as illustrated. When worn, the sleeves also stand at attention looking more like wings in flight than sleeves. I haven't sewn very many New Look patterns, but I'm not gonna lie. I've had issues with almost every single one. In my experience they have run large, so I cut this one at a straight size 12 with no full bus