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Vogue 2925 cap sleeve knit top

After completing the purple knit dress , I pulled out the oh-so-popular Vogue wrap dress pattern - number 8379. My plan was to sew the Vogue dress and then compare the two in an attempt to decide which I liked best. You see, I have this knit I purchased from Emma One Sock that I really like and I don't want to use it until I've tested the pattern to make sure I'm going to love what I make. I don't know about you, but when I spend a bit more on a piece of fabric, I want to make sure I'm not going to be disappointed in what I sew before I actually make it ... you know what I mean? Anyway, with the Vogue pieces cut and ready to go, I pulled a lightweight sweater knit from my stash. It is a lovely shade of gray with a subdued floral print and I thought it would work perfectly as a fall transition piece. Alas! When I unfolded the yardage I discovered I only had two large remnants! I had forgotten that I had used this a few years ago to sew the TeaGarden Tee from Se

Butterick 5206 faux wrap dress - the model version

Butterick 5206 Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews This one's for you Gaylen and Kasey . See how easily I can be persuaded to post a photo of the garment being worn? Truth be told, when I photographed the dress yesterday I was too lazy - yep, too lazy - to take the time to put the dress on and figure out how to use the self-timer on our new camera. But on occasion I give in easily to peer pressure so here's the dress on a real, live person. Obviously I'll be wearing a cami underneath this, but I need to do that with all of the wrap dresses and tops that I wear. Actually, now that I see it on, I like it better than I thought. I think this dress pattern just moved up from "like" to "Like a lot" with a capital L.

Butterick 5206 Chetta B Knit Dress Pattern Review

Butterick 5206 Chetta B Knit Dress Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Done! This pattern is rated average but I would call it "quick and easy". The most time consuming part was cutting and sewing the binding to the dress and belt. Other than that this is super-duper easy. So what can I say about this pattern other than it's super easy? It's your basic wrap bodice knit dress. The binding is very simple add. With the raw edges together, just sew the right side of the binding to the wrong side of the dress edges, press the seam towards the binding, turn the binding over onto the right side of the dress encasing the seam and raw edges, and stitch in place from the right side of the fabric. Couple of things to note. This calls for a side seam zipper. Why? I don't know as I doubt anyone would need it unless the knit you choose didn't have much stretch and you wanted a really tight fit at the waistline. If you eliminate the zipper, there is no need to sew the sl