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Hello 2018! Finishing Up Projects and Moving Ahead

2017 was a bit of rough year with a family member's cancer diagnosis (all is well), multiple funerals (three in one week alone), some minor surgeries, and of course just the busyness of careers and life.  Obviously it takes a toll on trying to find time to enjoy hobbies, such as sewing and working out, and I'm quite happy to put the year behind me! As 2017 came to an end, I had multiple sewing projects in the works.  I'm going to finish them up before I decide what I need/want in my wardrobe next. First up on my need to complete list is a floral jacket using McCall's 3322 pattern, a NYNY design from 2001.  It's one of few NYNY patterns I kept when I was decreasing my pattern collection.  I've always loved that faux fur collar!  The jacket is on hold as the faux fur I had purchased didn't work as well with the floral print as I had hoped. (I see a quick trip to SR Harris in my future!) Another jacket that is in progress is one of Sandra Betzina's l