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Fun with borders take three - McCall's 6319

If you follow me on Instagram (@sharonmadsen) you saw a sneak peek of this fabric about a month ago.  What you couldn't tell was that this piece of fabric was yet another border print.  (Yes, purchased from Denver Fabrics.  I want to go back to CO just so I can visit that store again.  Well, and to spend more time with the darling Amy who I met through the sewing blog world. But that's another post for another day.) The bottom of this fabric had that great orange and white print while the top faded to a mottled orange. I choose to sew McCall's 6319 because I wear my Yabba-Dabba-Doo dress much more often than I thought I would. I had yet to purchase McCall's 6612 or I would likely have three of those knit dresses hanging in my closet. According to my post from last summer, I didn't make any alterations to this dress pattern.  But the waist on this orange version hits me slightly higher than my actual waist.  And higher than my yabba-dabba-do version. 

Fun with border prints or McCall's 6612 Take Two

I loved the first dress I sewed using McCall's 6612 so much that I decided to whip up another one this weekend. You see, we took the motorcycle out for spin to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather.  And wouldn't you know it? We ended up at my favorite local fabric warehouse - SR Harris . LOL! While cutting the fabric I originally came to purchase (a beautiful silk intended for a Sew News article I'm working on) I spied a huge pile of sample cuts priced at only $4 per yard.  Oh my! My heart beat a little faster as I slowly approached the pile taking in the various colors and textures while trying to decide where to begin.  This yellow and black print was buried near the bottom and I immediately envisioned another McCall's 6612 knit dress. Oh it was fun seeing what treasures were in that pile.  Oops!  Only one little problem. While paying for my purchases I suddenly remembered we had arrived on the motorcycle.  Fortunately I was able to cram the fabric into one