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From the sewing room floor

My little helper, Sophia. Although she soon turns nine, she still likes to go after the pattern paper. She had a field day this morning as I started over on a project for Sew It All, Volume 3 - on new stands November or December.  I liked what I had created but at the last minute figured out a better way - isn't that always the way it goes? I've been busy with these projects which is why you haven't seen much of the sewing I've been doing posted. But my three projects are done and instructions are written. I'm super pleased with how they turned out. Just need to get everything shipped.  I leave you with a sneak peek as you can't see the final product until the magazine goes on sale - muwhahaha! **************************************

DIY: How to sew a table runner with one yard of fabric

A table runner using one yard of fabric? You betcha. (That's Minnesotan for yes.) I'll show you how to showcase that one little yard of home dec fabric you just had to have.  Or maybe that's just me? I fall in love with these home dec fabrics but don't always have a clear vision as to how I'll use them.  I lucked out here as the orange and blue and brown in the runner pull together the colors in my family room and kitchen. You'll also need some flat trim or 2" wide fabric strips. Oh, and if you want to make the runner reversible you'll need about a half yard of a contrast fabric. The finished size is about 15-1/2" x 65". Let's get started. Supplies needed: One yard 54”wide woven fabric One-half yard contrast fabric – or enough to cut 2 pieces 16”x 17”each Three yards 2”wide trim or fabric Thread Hand sewing needle Cut: Main fabric - follow the handy-dandy layout guide I've included.  Cut 1 – 36”x 17”main fabric (A)

The future holds yet another fashion show

I should probably be blocking some uninterrupted time on my calendar this weekend to get some spring sewing done.  However, a fashion show combined with a chance to meet local bloggers sounded a bit more interesting.  So I bought myself a ticket to attend the the BlogLove "Spark & Style" event instead.  I wasn't able to convince any of my non-sewing non-blogging friends to join me, so if any of you are planning on attending let me know so we can be sure to meet up! *****************************************************

Meet my new best friend

I'm in love with my new best best friend - the MARVY erasable fabric marker .  I purchased this little gem at the bra workshop I attended awhile back.  I'm probably late to the party here, but this is one notion that will have a permanent home in my sewing studio. Why? Because I can erase what I wrote on my fabric! Of course that means I have to REMEMBER to erase the markings from the fabric before sewing everything together. Not that I might have actually done anything like that ... ***************************************