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Easy last minute gift idea - Vogue 8551 silk scarf

I purchased an accessories pattern - Vogue 8551 - some time ago as I intrigued by the ruched silk scarf on the cover.   Photo Vogue Patterns This morning I found myself in need of a quick Christmas gift. So I immediately pulled out this this pattern knowing I had a stash of silks sitting patiently in my fabric closet. I got down to business and whipped this beauty up in 30 minutes. One of the great things about this scarf is it's ability to change colors.  Say I'm in the mood to wear orange.  Presto-chang-o! Orange is now one of the more prominent colors. I'd love to tell you how it's made because it's simplicity is ingenious.  But it's not my design so I'm not free to share the secrets with you. Just trust me when I tell you it's one of the easiest designs you'll ever sew. I can also tell you that you do NOT need the full 3/4 yard of each fabric (six colors in all) as written on the back of the pattern envelope. Be aware that if you bu

Pretty in Plum

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared that awesome mustard colored skirt with you? You know, the one from Vogue 8355 . The one that I wasn't sure what color would work best. Thanks to your comments I tried a few color combinations using jackets and sweaters already in my closet.  Most didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Like this multi-colored jacket with burgundy boots.  But today I hit a winning combination with this plum jacket I sewed a few years ago.   And did you notice the scarf? I just happened to have a scarf on hand with both the mustard and plum colors in the pattern! Lucky me. Instead of a black heel, I paired it with a neutral shoe - a grayish taupe suede wedge. It works because it's just a bit unexpected but not obviously so. After a day at the office wearing the skirt I can tell you that is indeed a winner. I wasn't sure about the length but it's actually really nice for the office. And in case you're curious the jacket is fro

Repeat performance

McCall's 4716.  My go-to pattern when I want to sew something fast.  It's that cowl neckline. Gets me every time.  I immediately thought of this pattern when I  purchased this knit remnant from Vogue Fabrics during the recent Sewing Expo.  Even with limited yardage I knew I could squeeze out a new tee. Ta-da! I've sewn the top a number of times - the 2006 slinky knit version, the 2007 sweater knit version, the 2008 silk jersey version, the 2008 short sleeve version - and a few others that I didn't bother to blog about. But alas, I no longer own any of them. However, I'm not really too sad. There gone because I donated them to the thrift shop when I shrunk a bit. Hopefully someone else is enjoying them as much as I did. I do like this 2004 OOP (out of print) pattern. Seriously. I could probably whip this baby up in my sleep. Does that mean I officially have a TNT pattern? ********************************************

My turn!

To sew Vogue 1194 .  This dress has made appearances all over the sewing blogs and as of today has 17 reviews over at PatternReview . I had originally passed on the pattern when it first became available but changed my mind after seeing how good it looked on women of all shapes and ages. Plus I had two yards of knit fabric (Fabric Mart Fabrics, of course) that I wanted to sew a dress out of. And I was tired of wrap dresses. And did I mention I only had two yards?  Vogue 1194 to the rescue. After spending way, way, way too much time on an FBA I managed to cut out and sew the dress in just under four hours. The pattern pieces went together beautifully. The end result it pretty much as I had envisioned - a nice simple, yet stylish, knit dress perfect for the office. The fabric, in retrospect, might not have been the perfect choice. I don't recall what the blend was, but working with it I suspect there might be some cotton.  I don't like cotton knits, even blends. Just my