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UFOs....the rest of the story

Vogue 8315 faux wrap dress with long waist tie. This was one time I should have done a muslin and I forged ahead instead. The fit on the bodice is really weird. I did an FBA but I don't think that would have messed the fit up so much, however, it is possible. Of course the dress was almost done before I actually tried it on. The shoulder area needs to come up about an inch and a half and the wrapped front bodice is also too long. If I take it apart and make these adjustments, the dress should fit. A closeup of the area that needs adjustment. About 1-1/2" in the front chest area, and about 2" in the shoulder. A faux fur coat from Donna Sayler's swing coat pattern and Donna Sayler's faux fur fabric. I'm not even certain if they sell faux fur yardage anymore. This just needs the lining added and final hand stitching. The style is a bit dated, but with the weather we have in Minnesota I could certainly find placed to wear it. This is one heavy coat! And no

UFOs lurking in my sewing room closet

The busy Christmas season is behind us and, as usual, I am in a "must get organized" frame of mind. Happens every year right after Christmas and this year is no exception. I think by now it could be considered a tradition! Another annual tradition is to take an inventory of how many UFOs are in my sewing room. You know the type of UFO I'm referring to. Not the type that was a popular movie topic in the 1950s (complete with little green men), but the kind that most sewers are familiar with. U n F inished O bjects - well at least that's what I think UFO stands for. Please drop me a note if I'm incorrect. Last year I pulled a number of UFOs out of hiding that I decided I would never, ever finish. I planned to donate them to the Textile Center 's annual garage sale (yes, they will take UFOs and resell them) but I never made it over there on the one day they take donations. So I *gasp* pitched 'em. I promise not to do that this year. I will finish them. I fi