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Simplicity 3775 Dress Photos

Ok, ok, ok. I heard you loud and clear...add photos of you wearing the items you've sewn! Or, as Carolyn so eloquently phrased it on this post "...but if I have to get nekkid and change into outfits the least you can do for me is the same! *LOL* " I guess I don't need any better motivation than that! So here you go.... The dance move pose The stop at the bottom of the steps as you exit the room pose The "I wonder if it would be rude if I told them that they have a big ole cobweb in that corner?" pose. Oh wait, that's usually what *my* guests are thinking . The "why yes, a glass of wine would be lovely, thank you" pose The "Come here big boy" aka arm behind the head pose. (Usually done after the glass of wine pose but can be done before hand if it's taking too long for the wine to be offered to you.) The "Whoa, good thing that stair post is there or the little dog would have tripped me" pose (Usually done after consumi

Simplicity 3627 Jacket Review - aka the cropped graduate gown

I stopped at Joann's last week to pick up Simplicity 3631 - now don't pretend you don't know which one I'm talking about. It's that wonderful Sew Stylish pattern featured in the latest Sew Stylish magazine. While there I spotted a display of Simplicity "Fall Fashion Trends" patterns. One just hopped right into my basket - Simplicity 0613 - or 3627 as it is goes by in the pattern catalog. (I'm pretty easily distracted so marketing techniques work well on me.) So anyway, I get home and I have a decision to make. You see, I've got a piece of light pink wool crepe eagerly awaiting its turn to be sewn into a little cropped swing jacket. All I had to do was choose a pattern...3631 or 3627...3631 or 3627...3631 or 3627 Well, 3627 seduced me with the pretty picture of the yoked, cropped, three-button jacket made up in a brown plaid. Hmmm, I think that would look downright purty in pink wool worn with black this winter. Being the cheap, I mean frugal, p

Weekly Abby Pupdate

Abby has been loving the cooler weather and has been spending a lot of time outdoors. We still don't let her have too much unsupervised time, even though we have a fenced yard, because we found that she likes to dig where the toads like to hang out. Sophia has never touched a twig in her life but now that Abby chews on twigs guess what Sophia wants to do? When I can't watch Abby (like right now when I'm on the computer) instead of crating her I place her in the kitchen and lean a safety gate in the doorway to keep her blocked in. She hasn't figured out that she could easily climb over it or knock it down. Let's hope it stays that way!

Librarians - fashionistas or not?

Last week a large group of librarians gathered in Rotorua for a national conference. Apparently a scheduled appearance by Paula Ryan drew an angry response from the librarians. Why? Librarians said her appearance supports the dated librarian stereotype. Click here to read the full story (don't' forget to read the comments!) and view the video clip on TV3 News then come back and tell me what you think. Are the librarians at your library fashionistas - such as this librarian blogger ;are they library reading divas ; are they appropriately dressed for a professional position that many times requires a masters degree; do they need a a makeover; or is this much todo about nothing? Now I don't wish to offend any librarians by bringing this up because I HEART LIBRARIES! I'm just curious what you think. I fondly recall as a child eagerly awaiting the weekly stop by the Bookmobile. Stepping aboard that truck with the rows and rows of books was sheer bliss. I would check out

Simplicity 3775 Pattern Reivew - Knit Dress

The " often reviewed knit dress with the midriff ruching that I was sure would not be flattering because of the ruching so I held off on purchasing it until the multiple reviews convinced me otherwise ." Simplicity 3775, knit dress in two lengths with bodice, waist, and sleeve length variations. Pattern Sizing: Available in sizes 4 to 20. This dress is view D with three-quarter length sleeves, sewn as a size 12, with FBA, tapering to a 14 at the waist/hip line. Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Oh so much better. I have liked every version that I have seen reviewed on PatternReview , - over 20 reviews now - and without those reviews I would have passed this pattern up because of my fear of extra bulk at the waistline created by the ruching. Were the instructions easy to follow? This is a simple to sew dress pattern with total sewing time under two hours. Basic construction Begin by adding gathering the front bodice