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Told ya I sewed -or- Vogue 8553 pattern review

I really *do* know how to sew. And to prove it, I revved up the machine and took it for a short little drive this weekend. The end result is a little something I like to call a knit dress ( Vogue 8553. ) The pattern was only available in the 14-20 range and I typically begin with a 12. Having tried twice previously to purchase the pattern, and twice finding it sold out completely, I took the 14 home with me. Well, I didn't actually *take* it home...I paid for it :-) A bit of altering and the pattern was now a 12. The dress itself, while a bit time consuming, is easy to construct. The neck and front band facings are hand stitched in place...that's the time consuming part. Normally I would have set the dress aside with the plan of completing the hand stitching another day. However, I know I'm predisposed to never finishing those projects so I forced myself to do the hand stitching before I even tried the dress on. You don't notice this on my dress or on the pattern dr