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Simple Sunday Sewing - A Silk Scarf

I've been busy, busy, busy in the sewing studio but don't have much I can share with you just yet. One thing I can share is this super-duper easy to sew scarf. Or if you prefer, a neck ring. It's sewn from one of the burnout silks I purchased recently at SR Harris. Aren't the colors great? Sheer brown with periwinkle and navy blues. I know I had seen instructions in a Burda magazine fairly recently. Well, at least in the past year. But do you think I could locate the issue when I actually wanted to reference the instructions? Of course not. So I just winged it. You can too. Here's how to replicate my scarf: Cut a rectangle that measures 44" long x 26" wide. Unless you have a length of fabric 44" long you'll have to cut the rectangle on the cross grain. (I would have liked a longer scarf so I could double it around my neck but I had only purchased 1 yard of 44" wide fabric. That's how the 44" length was determined.) Fold the sca