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Vogue 1643 Lined Jacket with Faux Leather Bands

My Vogue 1643 fully lined jacket with faux leather contrast bands. The  pattern is intended to provide us with a replica of a Gucci grosgrain trimmed jacket, but I've never been a huge Gucci fan.  What?!? Yes, it's true. (And I feel as if I shouldn't even admit that to the sewing world.) However, I did like the shape of the jacket and since the pattern was chosen for the September "Sew Your View" on Instagram I decided to join in on the fun. The fabric I used was a polyester blend suiting fabric from SR Harris , that had a vague leather look. Since I wasn't going to use ribbon, I decided to make the contrast band in faux leather, and add faux leather piping to further emphasis the band. Well you know the saying about best-laid plans. Sigh. I underestimated the difficulty of stitching the faux leather piping as well as the faux leather bands. I've worked with faux leather before so I was perplexed as to why I was having trouble this time. I