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I just can't stop making this beaded sash from Amy Butler.

On Tuesday I reviewed the original six scarves I made as gifts for co-workers on PatternReview . These sashes are from directions in the book Amy Butler's In Stitches. The instructions for this particular sash are available for free on her website also. On Wednesday evening I decided I needed just one more scarf and I had the perfect piece of fabric. I had already tried the sash from cotton (the suggested fabric), polyester, knit, and velvet and I was ready to try it in silk chiffon. The silk version took a bit longer than the others just because it is a littler trickier to work with. I choose a very light weight beaded trim so as not to distort the edge of the scarf . I was so pleased with the results that I plan on making an identical one for myself. Silk chiffon trimmed with turquoise and black beaded trim. Rayon velvet with a purple/green/gold pattern. This one is trimmed with solid black beads. This one is trimmed with a beaded trim in gold/black/purple/green that forms s

A is for Apron, B is for Bake, C is for Cookie and D is for Day

In other words - Cookie Bake Day! Cookie Bake Day began with my sisters, my nieces and my nephews ten years ago (and I have the photos to prove it!) Ten years ago my daughter had recently moved out and my son, while still physically living in our home, wasn't spending much time there. It was getting close to Christmas and I missed having little ones around to help me bake Christmas cookies. So, I invited my mother, my daughter, my three sisters and their children to our first annual Cookie Bake Day! We made up a rule - no males over the age of twelve- as part of the fun was having a girl's day. Every December, we spend one Saturday afternoon in my kitchen baking Christmas cookies. We make the usuals - sugar cut-outs, peanut butter blossoms, Russian teacakes (with cherries rather than nuts), S nickerdoodles , and spritz. We've tried different recipes through out the years, but we keep coming back to these. New this year was the addition of my son's girlfriend and her f

A few new Simplicitys made their way home with me today

Busy, busy, busy - that' s how life is at the moment. Right after church, my daughter and I ran to JoAnn's - she was looking for Christmas wrapping paper and I wanted to get more Guterman thread while it was 50 percent off. Wouldn't you know it? I just happened to stop at the pattern drawers and three Simplicity patterns (on sale of course) found their way into my shopping cart. Simplicity 3906 - I'd like to make the fold down "ramp" for our Maltese, Sophia. We don't know why but she has never figured out that she has the ability to jump up on furniture . Perhaps because she never saw Brandi jump up onto the furniture. Brandi, a wonderful rescued "mutt", was so old by the time Sophia came into the household that she no longer wanted to jump up onto anything. Most of the time its great that she doesn't jump, but it can get annoying when she barks and barks and barks until you pick her up. This could solve that problem. Simplicity 4434

Sewing and chocolate - two of life's simple pleasures

Well, there hasn't been too much sewing going on this household over the past few weeks as I, along with most everyone else I know, have been incredibly busy preparing for Christmas. It seems to be sneaking up on us as we still have no snow! Which is very unusual for Minnesota. In between sending Christmas greetings, baking treats, wrapping presents, and (my favorite part) working with the kids at church preparing for their annual Christmas program, I have managed to get a few projects sewn. More about those later. The fun part - we received our annual chocolate bar from my husband's employer. Isn't that a beauty! Did you notice the little hammer that is included? That's to break it apart so you can eat it. It is some of the best chocolate we've ever eaten. We are such chocolate freaks that we look forward to the day the UPS driver drops this off at our house. Now the hard part....waiting until Christmas to begin hammering away at it with family and friends.