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Animal Print Demin Wrap Coat | Simplicity 8217

I sewed a coat!  Well, it's just a wrap coat, but it still counts :-) I stitched this up a few weeks ago when Texas had a "cold" spell and I realized I had no coats appropriate for 30 to 50 degree F weather. Everything I packed and moved is more appropriate for the bitter Minnesota winters I left behind. The pattern is Simplicity 8217, which apparently just went OOP (out of print). Of course I discovered that right after I published a short video reviewing the pattern on my YouTube channel (I'll link it at the end if you're interested.) This coat first caught my attention when I saw a version on Instagram in a fabulous pastel colored wool.  Even though I don't wear wool ( hello itchy skin! ) I knew I'd like to sew myself a version of this coat. The pattern was released in 2016 and I sure wish I had sewn it sooner than two weeks ago. Let's chat about the fabric for a moment. It's an animal print denim! Plus it has silver sparkles on some