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Hurry Up Spring! I Want to Wear my Vogue 8711 Knit Skirt

Spring has officially arrived. Well, at least according to the calendar.  I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature as the ground is still snow-covered and temps are still hovering below the freezing point. Even though I continue to don my down-filled coat for my morning commute, I have begun my seasonal closet transformation in anticipation of warmer weather. As I unpacked my Vogue 8711 skirt I couldn't help but mutter to myself,  "Hurry up Spring!  I want to wear this skirt!" This knit skirt was one I began sewing last year to help take my mind off of a late spring snowfall. The beautiful floral knit fabric was purchased in February 2013 from Emma One Sock . I knew I wouldn't want to wear a slip even though the knit was light-colored and would require one, so I underlined it using a tricot knit that I had purchased at a local thrift shop.   Once the skirt was underlined the construction was straight forward.  Although there was a bit of bulk