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"You smell" loudly blurted the four year old brunette as I knelt down to talk to her. "I do?" I calmly replied. "Yea" she said. "You smell like candy." Sometimes I really, really love my job. **********

Sew a set of mini Christmas stocking flatwear holders

These mini Christmas stockings are perfect for a last minute gift idea or a cute and economical way to decorate for the holidays.  Use as a silverware or napkin holder on your table, string a group of stockings to decorate your mantel, use as a gift tag on your packages or add loops and hang on your tree. They can be sewn in a short amount of time and are a great use for those beautiful fabric scraps. Each mini stocking silverware holder measures approximately 3" wide by 6" tall. Use traditional Christmas fabrics or silks for a more elegant look. Here are step-by-step sewing instructions on how to sew the mini stocking silverware holders. Mini Christmas stocking with beaded trim Download pattern here . (It is a PDF file. Please let me know if you have any difficulty as I'm trying Google docs.) Cut 2 stockings for each silverware holder. Cut 1 topper for each silverware holder. With right sides together, sew a 2" seam on the center front u