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The best and the worst of 2009

As 2009 draws to an end, I feel that I should have a year end posting about my 2009 accomplishments. Perhaps, if I was super organized - like Dawn - I'd have a handy, dandy chart to show you. *Sigh* But I'm not, and I don't. Or perhaps, like Erica , I could look back at my sewing goals to see how many I met. *Sigh* Except that I didn't bother to set many. But! I think I could come up with a list of everything I sewed this past year. *Sigh* I'm certain it wouldn't reveal a love affair with dresses the way Carolyn 's review does. Actually, I'm finding that I relate more to Angie, as I suspect I may also be afflicted with SADD - sewing ADD. Planning one project only to quickly move onto another seems to be my specialty. While I'm not sure how many items I sewed, or even what my favorite was, I can tell you that one pattern produced both a treasure and a trash . Simplicity's 2701 cream jacket was one I wore quite often while the rose metal


Happiness is... ...seeing someone enjoy the gift you created for them. ... wrapping up squeaky toys for your pet just because it's funny to watch them with a new toy. ... having sisters to goof around with - and knowing the one who was out of town would have been the first to join in. ... getting kazoos from out of town sister so the family could perform Christmas carols - poorly. ... hanging out with hubby, grown kids and their significant other. ... knowing hubby willingly snow plows the heavy snow so you don't have to. And that was my Christmas. How was yours? *********