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That metal zipper necklace

Sheesh. That's a pretty blah title isn't it? A few of you commented on the zipper necklace I had on GiGi when I photographed by 60-minute 80s knit top (this post) . Here's a closer look. Alas, I cannot lay claim to having created this great necklace. Well, I guess I could since you'd never know would you? But I wouldn't do that to you. No, no, no. Actually I found this little treasure at a jewelry warehouse sale. Only four bucks. I knew I couldn't make it for that so I purchased it. The back of the necklace is one shaped felt piece. The zipper appears to simply be glued to the felt back. And not even that neatly as you can see from this side shot. In the center of the necklace the zippers are shaped like flowers with the edge of the zipper tape glued to the felt. The zipper tape as about 1/8" of an inch glued flat against the felt. The necklace is tied on with a black satin ribbon that is inserted between the zipper tape and felt backing. And that'