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2009 RetroRama Ladies

2009 RetroRama Ladies Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews This year's Polaroid souvenir photo. More photos to follow, including the fashions from the fashion show.

Why I do declare...there appears to be sewing going on in there

Yeppers. Vogue 1109 is underway. Granted it's taken me almost two weeks to get this far but at least something is happening in the sewing studio. Woo-hoo! And y'all are the best! Thanks for all of your input on my last post regarding the appropriate fur for the 60s era dress. I learned that the mink stole is best saved for a fabulous fifties suit.

RetroRama vintage wear or does this mink go with black

I may have mentioned this in a previous post , but I do not have time to sew anything retro-inspired to wear to this year's RetroRama event. But fortunately in my closet I have a darling vintage 60s (I think) cocktail dress that is almost a perfect fit. A few tucks at the waistline will give it that more fitted 60s silhouette. And look at the bow detail. Isn't that sweet? Now, I also have in my possession a few fur stoles that belonged to my grandmother. Can any of you tell me how in the world this piece is supposed to be worn? I couldn't find any photos of her wearing it, nor do I recall ever seeing her wear it. Does it wrap around one's neck? That seems a bit goofy. If so, what are the plastic chains on the inside of it for? I looks like they are some type of closure, but I have no idea how to work them. Can any of you tell me how it should be worn? And would it have been true to the age of the dress? I could always don this piece. But would it be true to the era t