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Fringe Trimmed Kimono Style Silk Jacket - BurdaStyle 04-2019-107

Do you ever purchase fabric not knowing exactly how it will be used?  I used to do that, jokingly explaining that I had more time to buy fabric than I did to sew. But our move from Minnesota to Texas forced me us to downsize, and that included my fabric stash. A lot of gorgeous fabrics ended up at the thrift store simply because I no longer had room to store them. However, this floral black silk was one I just could not give up and it made the move across country. I purchased it as two separate silk remnants from SR Harris about three years ago not sure what I wanted to make. But when Meg, the online editor for BurdaStyle, sewed a beautiful fringed kimono jacket I knew this fabric had found its destiny. The pattern is from the April 2019 BurdaStyle magazine, jacket number 107.  It can also be purchased online as a downloadable PDF . This is one of those projects that you sew when you want to create something really fast! There are only five pattern pieces - a front, a back, s

Vogue 8817 Color Blocked Tunic Versions Three, Four, and Five

"How many more tunics do you want me to sew for you?" I eagerly asked my daughter after sewing three. I mean, the kid never wanted me to sew for her once she reached her teen years, so I have years of catching up to do! "Um, Mom, I think I have enough now," she replied with a laugh.   I first sewed myself a version of this color blocked tunic in January 2013, soon after the pattern was released. ( Blog post here ). My daughter liked it and asked for one, so naturally I obliged. ( Blog post here ). Every time she wore her tunic she received compliments and recently asked me to sew her more. I might have jumped up and down and did a happy dance after we ended our call. There's no video, so you have no proof :-). But I was excited to sew for her again. The fabrics for the black and purple tunics were purchased from Cali Fabrics. I've never been disappointed by any of my purchases from this company. The quality is good and the orders ship fast. The m