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The “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A …” vintage 60s capelet

Remember the bound buttonhole I mentioned in my last post ?   Well, my project for this week's challenge at The Sew Weekly has been posted so I can now share it with you! Just look at that lovely bound buttonhole!  It belongs to my new 60s era velvet capelet.  She's named "frankly my dear, I don't give a ..." in honor of Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain dress . Um, Sharon? You do know this isn't a dress, right? And that it's not green? Yes, yes, I know.  But, it IS cotton velvet and it DID begin  life as a bedroom curtain.  Pretty resourceful, huh?  Just like good ole' Scarlett. The idea came to me when I was hemming a new pair of bedroom curtains.  After seven years I decided it was time for a bedroom redo that involved more than just painting the walls.  As I tossed the old cotton velvet curtains in the washer to prepare them for the donation bin I took a hard look at them and realized there was a lot of usable fabric there!  Why donate som

Weekend sewing - two strikes and a home run

All week I've been busy, busy, busy, but not sewing, sewing, sewing. Until Friday night that is.  Even though Friday night is supposed to be our date night, hubby rented a movie I had no desire to watch at all.  And trust me, he knew I wouldn't want to see this one. By mutual agreement we rescheduled date night and did our own thing.  He watched the movie while I retreated to the sewing studio to being work on The Sew Weekly challenge.  This week it's buttons. "Hey, no problem!" I think to myself.  "I have a fancy-schmancy sewing machine that makes mah-va-lous buttonholes."  (It's a Pfaff 2056 in case you're wondering) Except my machine's in the shop - oops!  That means I would have to rely on my Elna 8000.  Which doesn't make such great buttonholes. No  problem! I'll forge ahead.  I sewed for years without a machine that made automatic buttonholes, surely I could do it this time. Now the only dilemma was to choose a proj