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A 2006 UFO - the McCall's 4924 skirt

Sophia and I cut this skirt out the end of September 2006. I have proof since I about it here ... It's underlined with cotton batiste. It's hem is finished with a vintage rayon hem tape. It's well fitted and the fabric (silk blend tweed from Fabric Mart ) was wonderful to sew. It's a great looking skirt. I thought so every time I looked at it hanging in my closet, unworn, for the past year. Why you ask? Because I never got around to sewing the hook and eye on the waistband. Talk about lazy sewing...two minutes of my time was all that was needed to complete this UFO. Full review later. Right now I'm on a UFO mission. Oh, and Marji ? I'm with ya - I vow to not create any new UFO's in 2008.