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Bound buttonhole tutorial

Making a bound buttonhole can seem like a daunting undertaking.  Trust me, I know. I avoided them for years thinking they were "too hard" and way beyond my sewing capabilities. Pshaw!  Yes, they do require pre-planning and definitely take more time than a machine-sewn buttonhole, but they really are not that difficult.  As with anything practice, practice, practice!   It's a good idea to work one (or two) in some of your fabric scraps before making the buttonholes in your garment. The one I made on my capelet was sewn using the patch method . Mark your buttonhole placement on your garment. If your garment does not call for interfacing, be sure to apply interfacing to the wrong side of the garment under each buttonhole marking.  Cut a piece of fabric for your buttonhole that is about 2" wider and 1" longer than the buttonhole.  Here's a fun tip:  the fabric doesn't have to match your garment.  Contrast or coordinating fabric is a fun way to hi